What is the return policy?

You may return unused items within 30 days of purchase with shipping on us. For more details on our return policy, click here.


Why do you only ship to the USA?

We would love to be able to ship all over the world to everyone in our global community, and our plan is to make that happen one day. Once we see that our travel gear is really helping make solo female travel easier and there is enough demand, then we will be able to expand to new countries. For updates, join our mailing list on the homepage and email us your interest in international shipping to shop@sofetravel.com.


Who is behind The Solo Female Travel Shop?

We are The Solo Female Traveler Network, organizer of incredible Meetup Tours around the world and the largest community of solo female travelers. We are a small team of passionate travelers who really believe in transformative power of travel. It's our mission to empower women to travel solo with confidence knowing you have a global community at your back. 


What's the plan for The Solo Female Travel Shop?

Our intention is to create travel products that are reliable, durable, and add a little sparkle to your travel aesthetic. Ultimately, we exist to serve you and your travel needs. Please feel free to email us with travel gear you are dreaming of, and who knows, maybe it will be out next released product! Email shop@sofetravel.com.


Why packing cubes as your first product?

We are often asked for our best travel tips, and our answer often begins with packing cubes. Staying organized, maximizing space, and being able to quickly and neatly pack and unpack our bags is a necessary travel skill, if you ask us. Good packing cubes should last through many travels when used properly, and we were sick of ours failing us mid-trip. So, we pooled our ideas as a team, and created simple yet strong packing cubes that gave us the durability, ability to compress, and a the sleek look we were after and created our own.